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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~Birthday Party Kiera ANak Actress Salina Saibi~

Gambar Kiera with her mummy n daddy

cupcakes vanilla + Buttercream Oren
ade Picture Kiera..sgt comel

My happy Family..mama love you all so much..

Salam, minggu lepas 13hb March Birthday anak pelakon salina saibi.. ;) mula2 salina jemput i n my family utk dtg b'day party tu n nak order cupcakes..i ngan hubby mula2 pikir nak bagi hadiah ape utk kiera..tibe2 my hubby ckp..mama kite bagi gift cupcakes la utk kiera..mama deco cantik2..hurm..then i ckp good idea.. i bgtau salina n dia terkejut n sgt happy.. i pon happy.. so jom enjoy d pictures.. ;)


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